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About Us

Music Computing is a company dedicated to advanced technologies for human interaction through computer-based products. Currently we specialize in computer-hybrid musical instruments and touch screen interfaces. Our clients include musicians, professional studios, fortune 500 companies, universities, museums, hobbyists, and the military.


Music Computing is a direct company, which means you get the best service at the lowest prices. We ship worldwide and can provide support via remote access, telephone, email, or our support ticket system.


Built in Austin, Texas, Music Computing produces its products on site and on demand. Our shopbots, pick and place machines, brake presses, and design computers are all standing at attention, ready to build the Music Computing instrument of your dreams.


Victor Wong (CEO), with more than 20 years of industry expertise, brings his computer music and electronics design and development prowess to Music Computing. His mission for the company is to invent new technologies, which can be integrated with existing standards, to create new super-instruments for musicians and other tech-savvy users.


The following is a short list of achievements by Mr. Wong in the last decade:

1997 - Founder and CEO, PowerTools: One of a handful of authorized Mac OS compatible computer makers.

  • Highlights: Designed, produced and sold the fastest Mac OS computers ever built up till 1997. The X-Factor was the first G3 tower system with Mac OS 8 and far outperformed any other Mac OS X compatible computer at that time from any other clone maker or even Apple.

2000 - Founder and CEO, Ecommercesoft: Enterprise Internet-based business software solutions.

  • Highlights: MetroShop, essentially an online ERP system with web-based frontend based on WebObject from Apple, was promoted by Apple as an enterprise software solution for its clients. It was also used to power parts of Lucent Technologies online commerce as well as the LBJ Presidential Library.

2003 - Co Founder and CEO (first 2.5 years), Open Labs: Maker of computer enhanced musical instruments.

  • Highlights: Introduced the OMX, NeKo, MiKo, DBeat and SoundSlate to the world and was endorsed by many notable artists.
  • Reference: Mr. Wong created the product concepts for the OMX, NeKo, MiKo, DBeat, SoundSlate, Controller One and Controller II and was instrumental in the development and marketing of these products. He is listed as a co-inventor in the original patent for the NeKo keyboard production station, from which all other products were derived from.

2010 - Founder and CEO, Music Computing: Maker of computer enhanced musical instruments. Highlights: Introduced new affordable, yet powerful keyboard production stations, large screen multi-touch controllers and MacBook Pro keyboard production station docks.

  • Reference: Mr. Wong came up with the product concept and/or designed all the products.